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How I Found My Path


From Student to Stylist to Educator at Fusion Spa Salon

Hello! My name is Brittany and I am a hair stylist, snowboarder extraordinaire, new exercise enthusiast and member of the millennial generation. I’m tech savvy – I google everything! I want to work my life around my job – not the other way around.  I crave responsibility but still want flexibility. I have options which is both exciting and scary. I attended the Aveda Institute inTallahassee and have been working for Fusion Spa Salon since graduation, four years ago.

I am an Aveda mentor, front line coordinator and senior stylist.  I have been a service provider coordinator as well as a retail and operations coach.  I get excited helping my guests look and feel their best.  I have aspirations in the areas of education, management and styling but have had difficulty choosing an area of focus.  In this era of instant gratification,  I have so many interests… so little time…

However. this past weekend my interests narrowed, my focus became clear and I was inspired by one of my mentors to walk down the path of education – cue the trumpet sounds!  Sharing my knowledge, experience and expertise has always circled through my mind. I thoroughly enjoyed my education at the Aveda Institute and was often motivated by  my instructors. I realize they provided me with the tools I need to be successful in my chosen career.

Ric Wilson, owner of Pure Aveda Salon Spa in Mount Dora, FL, has been a beacon of light for me in the Train the Trainer classes I am currently attending.  He is insightful and directs his students to beyond their day to day routine.  He inspires the group to be innovative in their daily activities – providing a look “outside the box”. For me, he is one of those people who get the wheels in my mind churning in a new direction.

The beauty industry is morphing, it is no longer unusual for stylist to be six-figure hairdressers and be viewed as professionals. It is my goal to lead by example and provide one-on-one coaching to deepen understanding. I want to develop a world-class training program that becomes the standard for other salons. I want to be part of growing and inspiring my team members to reach their ultimate potential. This is my passion and my purpose! I know these are lofty goals so I am so grateful to have discovered my direction early. I feel honored to know my path will intersect with others to accelerate our success as a group.

Photo Credit: Pure 7 Studios