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Successfully Combat Pre-Wedding Stress


Minimize Your Pre-Wedding Woes with these Spa Treatments at Fusion Spa Salon Aveda

Congratulations! You’ve got the guy, your wedding date is set…now what? The whirlwind begins, your to-do list is running off the page and your stress is mounting by the minute. Despite your best efforts to remain calm during the planning process, you can feel your blood pressure rising.

Before you dive off the deep end, take a big deep breath and relax. Help is here. We have a few tips to help you successfully avoid any bridezilla moments and be your most beautiful self on your big day.

As you are building your wedding schedule, don’t forget to include “me-time”.  We have scoured the web, combed the blogs and are happy to share this mini guide to some of the most common wedding planning woes and the treatments recommended to combat them:

Woe: Sore, achy feet. (You’ve been hitting the pavement to meet and interview vendors after work and on weekends, and all that standing and walking is taking its toll.)

Treatment: Book yourself a pedicure (opt for peppermint for an added tingling sensation), exfoliating foot scrub, or a 30-minute foot and lower body massage.

Woe: Tension headaches. (You have so many wedding details to keep in order that your head is spinning most days, and when it’s not, it’s pounding!)

Treatment: Enjoy a massage focused on the scalp, face, and neck, add some Blue Oil concentrate to your experience. This calms the mind, relaxes your scalp and eases tired muscles.

Woe: Swollen eyes with bags underneath them due to lack of sleep. (You’re excited about your impending nuptials, yet petrified that something major will go wrong, so you’ve completely forgotten what it feels like to get a good night’s sleep.)

Treatment: You’re going to need a massage-facial combo or dedicated eye treatment, stat!

Woe: Fighting with my fiance. (The stress is getting to us both – help!)

Treatment: Schedule a couples massage, his and her facials or mani/pedis. You’ll be thankful for the quiet time together.