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What’s In My Bag?


Summer Essentials of a Gulf Coast Stylist at Fusion Spa Salon Aveda

Ever wonder what products the pros use? I traveled to our Orange Beach, Alabama location atThe Wharf to visit with Aveda trained cosmetologist and spa therapist Justine Camacho. She gave me a peek inside her beautiful bag purchased from local hot spot, Private Gallery. We discussed what she is loving for the summer.

  • Aveda Styling Brush – Of course no stylist leaves home without her favorite brush. This wonder brush does it all  – from smoothing to teasing. You can even change it up mid-day.
  • Aveda Coral Sea Lip Glaze – This glazes over any lipstick and is super fun for spring and summer.
  • PurpleCoach Wallet – An uber-Coach fan, this fun pop of color makes Justine smile when she opens up her bag.
  • Trident Splash – Justine always likes to keep it fresh while working with guests all day and peppermint is a cool, refreshing favorite.
  • Bobby pins & Hair ties – So she can tackle any hair emergency that may arise.
  • Snack – An Apple Lara Bar is just the thing to keep hunger pangs at bay. It’s gluten free and provides one full serving of fruit for the day.
  • Dasani– We all need water to stay hydrated. A Dasani is always within reach to help Justine get in her eight glasses of water before 8pm.
  • Shake – Any busy stylist on the go, needs her protein. Justine enjoys a Chocolate Jay RobbEgg White Protein Shake for lunch.
  • Summer Tune – Everyone needs a song to roll the windows down and feel the breeze in their hair.  Most recently played on Justine’s Itunes is Cameo Lover by Kimbra
  • Iphone – Justine needs this close to check in on her sweet babies, Estrella and Ansel. And of course to show off a few of the over 9,000 pics she has of them. But seriously, who could resist those faces?  I dare you to try!

Thanks to Justine for giving us a special insider’s peek. Now, tell us what summer essentials you keep in your bag in the comment space below.

Photo Credit: Tracey Leigh Photography