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We Love Our Team—Here’s How We Show It

At Fusion, our team is our greatest asset, resource and blessing. And if you’ve ever experienced a service with them, you know why. They’re talented, kind, and hardworking. They’re fun to be around and committed to making every single guest’s day perfect. They’re not just exceptional hairstylists—they’re exceptional people.

Because we know just how lucky we are to have the team we do, we make it a priority to provide the best work environment possible. It’s our team’s job to make our guests as happy as possible—and it’s our job to make sure our team is as happy as possible. Read on for five ways we show the love.


When it comes to strong stylists, nothing is more important than a strong education program. It ensures that our team is empowered, excited, and able to offer the latest trends and techniques to our guests. We make it easy by offering complimentary classes year-round at our in-house education center in Pensacola Beach, in addition to smaller classes at each location and occasional travel to educational events. This means our team members always have a new outlet for their creativity—and our guests can always expect the latest and greatest when it comes to their look.


Fusion stylists have busy, full lives outside of their jobs—and their focus on whole life balance is a big part of what we (and their guests!) love so much about them.
Because there are few things more important than achieving harmony between a satisfying career and an enriching personal life, so we do everything possible to make sure our team can. That means offering split shifts—so they can pick what time of day they want to work—and providing paid vacation so they have a chance to hit the refresh button. After all, happy, relaxed team members create happy, relaxed guests.

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Salon and spa professionals spend years honing their technical skills—and the wrong products can undermine all that effort. Aveda’s high quality, results-driven hair and skin care help our team’s work shine and make it easy for our guests to recreate their experience at home. And perhaps best of all, they’re safe for the people who use them and the environment. We all make sacrifices for beauty—but our wellbeing and the wellbeing of the world around us should never be among them.


These include the fun stuff—hello, discounted services—and the not-so-fun, but super important stuff (think: benefits). We want to make sure our team has access to the same incredible services they work so hard to provide to others, which is why we offer $10 hair, skin, nail and body services for all employees. (Plus discounted services for their family members!) We also want to make sure they don’t have to worry about the important stuff, so we provide full-time and other qualifying team members with medical, dental and vision insurance. If our team is healthy, happy, and stress-free, we’ve done our job.

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At Fusion, our mutual respect and commitment to support each other stem from one source: the passion we all share for our guests and our work. Every person we hire is carefully vetted to ensure that they are a good fit for this culture. The bonds we share in having that common goal—happy guests who feel their most beautiful—are reinforced both by our daily actions and through experiences ranging from travel to educational events and community-focused fundraisers. We work hard, but we have fun along the way—because when you genuinely love spending time with your coworkers, work doesn’t feel like work. It feels like home.