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What’s It Like to Work at Fusion?

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There’s a lot we love about our jobs. We love getting to work with hair. We love our coworkers. We love getting to live by the beach and experience the joys of coastal life: great weather, abundant entertainment, and killer sunsets, to name a few. Most of all, we love getting to make our guests feel beautiful—and their lives feel brighter—every single day.

But there’s a lot more to what we do than what’s on the surface. So for the curious—or those hoping to come join us!—read on to find out what it’s like to start your career at Fusion. We sat down with Jen Peck, our Lead Recruiter, to walk through the ins and outs of every stage of the Fusion experience.


It all starts with an application, which is available on our website. We are always interested in applications from talented, team-oriented people who just want to love their jobs and the people they get to do them with. After reviewing yours, we’ll begin what becomes a three-interview process.

“Your first interview is just to meet you and let you know what Fusion has to offer,” says Jen. “If it feels like a good fit, we’ll move on to a technical interview—you’ll do a hair model if you’re a cosmetologist and a spa model if you’re a spa provider.

“From there, you’ll have a third interview with Tandy and Christian, our founders.” And at that point, if all of us feel like it’s a good fit, we move forward with the hiring process.


“When new stylists come on board, they go through an assisting phase,” explains Jen. “It’s pretty much self-paced.” New hires will practice with models until they’re thoroughly comfortable with each service, and once they reach that point, they will start taking on their own clients. “This period can be as short as two weeks or up to six months,” says Jen.

Creative Commons | Source: Pexels

Throughout this process, you are, of course, supported by the team around you in as many ways as possible. We take care to alert both existing and walk-in clients to our new talent stylists (and pricing). You’ll also be able to attend in-salon education courses along with the rest of the team to continue to build your skills as much as possible. We really are a family at Fusion—and we want to make sure you feel like a part of it from the start.


As your career progresses as Fusion, so will your skills—and your experience level helps dictate your price point. “We use the Aveda benchmarks to determine when stylists are ready to move up,” says Jen. “Every month we review benchmarks, and if you’re hitting your goals, commissions rise.” To make meeting those goals as easy as possible, you’ll have access to retail coaching and consultation education that helps you ask the right questions and build your confidence. Advancing as a stylist takes hard work, and we all want to make sure that experience is honored.

Of course, work isn’t just about moving up. It’s about enjoying the journey as you go— and while we might be biased, the Fusion journey is pretty sweet. If you read our last blog post, you know all about a few of our favorite things, including our in-house education, flexible schedules, discounted services and team-building events and travel. But the very best thing about our jobs is the people we work with: both our fellow team members and our guests. They’re the reason we come into work every day and the reason we leave happy every evening. But that, my friends, is another blog post for another day.