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Corporate Gifting

Here at Fusion, we know the value of a good team—and if you’re reading this, chances are you do, too. Nothing conveys your appreciation better than a thoughtfully selected gift. Whether you want to express gratitude to clients, congratulate your employees on a job well done or treat your team “just because”— we’ve got the solution. Together, we’ll brainstorm to create a tailored salon and spa experience that fits your vision perfectly. Read on to learn more!

Source: Fusion Salon

Source: Fusion Salon

Why Fusion?

You may have heard that millennials prioritize experiences (travel, fine dining, concerts and the like) over possessions. It’s true, but that preference isn’t limited to the under-40 set. Fast Company reports that experiences have a greater impact on happiness, especially when the positive times are shared with people we care about.

A spa retreat is the ultimate indulgence. Why not celebrate your coworkers with one customized to their unique preferences? A spa party can last for an afternoon or day. Estheticians may treat your team to a mini facial, a body chair massage and/or a relaxing hand treatment for a quick but effective pick-me-up. On the more indulgent side, consider a spa party that includes manicures or a sampling of spa services. We can even arrange an entire day of spa services for the people you want to appreciate—whether they’re valued employees, favorite clients or even your bridal party.

If that sounds like a lot to coordinate, don’t worry. Fusion spa parties are just as relaxing for the organizers as they are for the participants. Just fill out a quick online form telling us your budget and any special requests. We’ll handle the rest.

Choose your own spa adventure

Sometimes, solo down time is just what the doctor ordered. Gift your team some much-needed R&R with a gift card of any amount. A handwritten note, accompanied by a spa gift card and the encouragement to “treat yourself,” is perhaps the most sincere way to say thank you for a job well done. Plus, that way you know they’ll get exactly which services they want, when they want them.

Source: Aveda

Source: Aveda

Take the spa experience home

Here at Fusion, we’re proud to carry Aveda products. Since 1978, the global beauty brand has been a pioneer in the realm of eco-responsibility, eschewing animal testing and toxic preservatives while promoting sustainable harvesting practices and organic flower and plant ingredients. Most importantly, the Ayurvedic principles underpinning each product line are just as good for the individual as they are for the planet. (We promise your team will be just as smitten as we are.)

We would be honored to put together gorgeous Aveda gift bags at any price point and in any quantity. Just let us know what you’d like!

Get in touch

Let us help you treat the people who make your life so much easier. Our Orange Beach, Pensacola Beach and Sandestin locations all offer special corporate gifting packages; drop us a line to find out more.