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De Stress

Our Favorite Ways to De-Stress

All too often, stress is unavoidable—but never properly taken care of. When it comes time to take care of ourselves, sometimes, we tend to be “too busy” or tell ourselves “we’ll get over it.” (Guilty.)

Now, we’re getting serious in making our mental health a priority. Stress can not only cause anxiety or restlessness, but headaches, fatigue and muscle pain, too—which can all be avoidable with a few changes to your wellness routine. Always remember: taking the time to de-stress and relax is not indulgent—it’s healthy. (And an absolute must.)

Ahead, you’ll find ways to calm your stress and take care of yourself—because you are worth it.


Here at Fusion, we’re lucky enough to have the salty air and sandy beaches right in our backyard. Take advantage of it! Spending some time outside by exercising or simply enjoying the fresh air is great for your mental clarity and physical health. Grab your main squeeze, a group of friends or even your dog—and treat your body to a classic long walk on the beach.


Our go-to line for self-care is Aveda Stress-Fix. Its organic lavender and clary sage aroma is clinically proven to reduce stress, and smells absolutely heavenly. With products like a composition oil, a body creme and soaking salts, you can de-stress on a whole new level, even at home.


Massages are clinically proven to boost circulation, but also flood your brain with serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters that keep you happy and feeling good—our best recommendation for when you need a boost. Read more about why you should get a massage here.

For a tailor-made, invigorating experience, leave it to us to make you refreshed with a Stress-Fix Body Massage. One of our most popular massages, this experience combines a guided meditation with Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, foot reflexology and acupressure techniques, giving you relief from your head to your toes.


Ideally, we’d get a massage every four weeks—but with filled schedules and a budget in place, we love the idea of turning our baths into a sanctuary. (Because even the most extroverted of people love a good night in now and again.) It’s an easy ritual perfect for those nights we can’t seem to leave the house.

Start With Soaking Salts

Begin by running warm bath water—then add 2 tablespoons of Stress-Fix Soaking Salts. Soak for 10-20 minues.

Wash Away Your Stress

The Stress-Fix Cleansing Oil is enriched with nourishing certified organic sunflower and babassu oils—and the clinically proven aroma to de-stress. It’s a gentle cleanser that softens the skin, leaving you in a blissful state of relaxation.

Enrich Your Skin

After your cleansing bath, quench your skin with the Stress-Fix Body Creme—an intense moisture with an aromatic experience. For the best results, massage the creme into your hands, hold them under your nose and take a deep breath. Then, massage the creme onto tense areas as needed in circular motions at the joints and back-and-forth motions between joints.

Take It To-Go

For on-the-go tension relief (that’s perfect for your bath, too), try the Stress-Fix Composition Oil. It moisturizes skin and has that same aroma you know and love—in a small, concentrated bottle. Use on your neck, hands & feet or your total body (even your scalp) for an easy stress-relieving ritual. And, for even more relief, keep a Stress-Fix Concentrate rollerball in your bag or on your desk for an instant wellness boost—no matter where you are.


Ultimately, the best way to unwind and keep calm is to surround yourself with positivity and happiness, and do things that bring you pleasure and joy. You can keep it as simple as you need to—reading a book that’s been sitting on your nightstand, cooking your favorite healthy meal or even scheduling plans to catch up with a friend over coffee—or as indulgent as you dream. No matter how you unwind, make sure you’re making the time for it.

Click here to book a Stress-Fix massage online, or stop into any of our three locations to snag your favorite Stress-Fix products.