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Aveda Congress 2018: An Inside Look

At Fusion Spa Salon, we pride ourselves on staying on top of the newest trends in haircuts and color so we can bring them to you. We attend advanced education classes and seminars so when a client makes a request or shows us a photo of a color she’d like to duplicate, we can do it!

Aveda plays a huge role in our education, and two weeks ago, three of our stylists attended Aveda’s ultimate inspirational event: Congress.

Congress is held every two years in Minneapolis, where Aveda is headquartered. It’s two days of beauty inspiration, artistic presentations, technical workshops and more. Attending Congress is a dream for many Aveda stylists as it provides the opportunity to see many of the artists they admire in action up close.

For two days, Brittany, Justine and Kayla were in Minneapolis watching artistic presentations from global artists, attending technical workshops and much more.

We asked them to share the highlights with you, so you can get a little taste of the inspiration and excitement they experienced.


Q: What was your favorite part of Congress?

Kayla Weber (Pensacola Beach): Watching artists from all over the country (and world!) on stage was my favorite. It was so inspiring to see each artist express their creativity in different ways.

Justine Camacho (Orange Beach): In my 14 years with Aveda this was my first Congress. So for me, the coolest thing to see was how each piece of the puzzle came together to show how collectively we are all what Aveda is made of—from the artistry to how we give back (more than $65 million for Earth Month) to seeing all the individuals who make up the network and brand across the globe coming together in one place.

Hearing from the Yawanawa people on how Aveda (we) are their family was also very powerful (The Yawanawa people grow Brazilian urukum seeds, which are Aveda’s distinctive source for annatto for the past 20 years). It was such an amazing experience to be a part of their lives not only at Congress but every day!

Q: Who were some of your favorite artists at Congress?

Brittany Murray (Sandestin): The Civello team was incredible. I have idolized them for a long time, and what they were able to create with their vision of recycling hair was amazing. Antoinette Beender’s show with the Cirque de Soleil theme was also really cool.


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Kayla: I got goosebumps watching Ray Civello’s perfect performance. I wish we could rewind and watch it again! The headpiece and blankets his team made were remarkable and so fitting for the “Know What You’re Made Of” theme.

I also really enjoyed celebrating Aveda turning 40 with opening a birthday card hidden under our seats during Antoinette’s show. The wind-up butterflies inside the cards all flew out at everyone when they opened them. It was really a neat touch—I loved it!

Justine: I loved seeing how diverse and artistic every team was. I was simply in awe of all the looks that were created and presented! I loved how each team delivered their own message and vision!


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Q: Any other highlights?

Brittany: We all know Aveda stands behind their mission, but seeing it in action was incredible. Aveda brought Yawanawans to Congress from Brazil, which was amazing. The company has been able to do so much to help support their growth.


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But the best part of Congress was when Brittany, Kayla and Justine came back to the salon to share the inspiration and new techniques they learned with the team.

We’re all feeling fresh, inspired and ready to bring the trends from Aveda Congress right back to YOU, our guests!