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3 Ways Working with Us Will Change Your Life


When was the last time you felt excited to go to work—when the paycheck wasn’t the only motivating factor and you felt passion and meaning behind what you do? Life is too short to not be doing what you love. At Fusion, we encourage our team to dive into their passion and see our salon as a place where they can learn and express their creativity while growing their careers.

When considering new hires, phrases like: reliability, hard working, team player, or willingness-to-learn come to mind. Sure, those are all great attributes to have that may get you in the door, but we are looking for PASSION. We want artists, daymakers, people who live and breathe beauty, people who thrive off of being creative and making people feel good. We want our new hires to be hungry for a change, not just a career change, but a life change. Here are three ways your life will change when you become part of the Fusion team:



Our team is based on the foundation of mutual respect, encouragement and love. We are a supportive group of people who work hard and play hard together. Our team works collectively to make sure that each guest is treated like an individual and has the best experience possible. We know that every day is not going be a cake walk. And on those days, we guide one another to the light. There are no weak links. We are as one; we act like a family, we respect the artist in each other, and we build each other up. We love our team and we show it in many ways.


As stylists & professionals in the beauty industry, it’s important that we keep a pulse on the latest trends & techniques that drive our guests’ requests and goals. That’s why we offer complimentary classes year round at our Pensacola Beach location, in addition to smaller classes at each location. We also provide travel opportunities to industry events like Congress and Dare to Dream. All of this provides fresh ideas, perspectives and inspiration. When you and your guests have their first consultation, you’ll be able to share everything you’ve learned from these opportunities and be able to provide them the most up-to-date, freshest recommendations out there.


At the root of everything that makes us who we are is Aveda. We work with Aveda because it is eco-friendly, cruelty-free, high-quality products that provide amazing results. You will learn everything about natural pure flower and plant ingredients, and the importance of non-toxic beauty. We provide a generous discount on all Aveda products so that you can see for yourself the difference that it has on the hair, skin and spirit. In addition to an extensive knowledge of Aveda and its benefits, we also provide the opportunity to participate in Aveda Earth Month and contribute in raising funds and awareness for local water charities such as the Gulf Restoration Network. Our salon sits on the beautiful beaches of Florida and Alabama, therefore, we make it our mission to care for the environment around us and strive to make a difference.

Your life, your goals, your passion and everything you strive to be is valuable to us. We want to see you succeed and hope that we can launch you into great things. If you are ready for a life change and a career that will create a foundation of passion & caring, then apply here.

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