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Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extensions


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Craving long beachy waves, boho braids and fun festival styles for spring/summer? If so, but you need some help with length and fullness, there is a solution: hair extensions. Some may have the wrong idea about extensions—like being too pricey and very high maintenance—but extensions are actually a game changer.

Having patience is hard, especially when it comes to hair growth. If you want volume and more, and you WANT IT NOW, extensions are the answer. At Fusion Spa Salon, we use VoMor Extensions and we talked to our stylist/VoMor Extensions master Katie in Sandestin who demystifies the methods, maintenance and more.

Q: How are VoMor Extensions applied?

KATE: They’re tape in, typically done with color service, not time-consuming and they grow out with the hair. You don’t take them out.

Q: How long do they last?

KATE: Eight to 10 weeks. Then you come back in and we take them out and retape them.

Q: Are VoMor Extensions synthetic or natural hair?

KATE: They are exclusively made from cuticle intact Remy hair, collected and manufactured in a humane manner, and packaged according to environmental guidelines.

Q: What is the maintenance like?

KATE: The hair can last up to a year, and you get them put back every 8-10 weeks. You wash and style them normally, but know that you can go longer without washing; your styles will hold longer.

Hair by Katie in Sandestin

Q: Any time where extensions are NOT a good idea?

KATE: Curly hair, because they tend to tangle. With super thick hair, the one-box transformation won’t cut it, so know you’ll need more. Short hair might also take a lot to get the length they want. But we always tell our guests up front what it’s going to take, cost and maintenance-wise.

Q: How do keep the tracks from showing?

KATE: The color is matched to your hair. VoMor has a TON of colors that are matched to your specific hair color and then taped in at the scalp. There are specific safety zones where we know they won’t be seen. We ask how the guest styles their hair and then we determine how/where to place them.

Q: What kinds of clients get extensions and why?

KATE: Usually thin-haired clients who are looking for fullness.

Q: What products do you suggest for care?

KATE: Everything Aveda is ok. VoMor suggests Aveda’s Color Conserve and we also recommend Invati and Smooth Infusion as products that work particularly well with hair extensions. Don’t put conditioners or oils on the scalp; focus on the ends. The exception is Invati Scalp Revitalizer, which is safe to use at the scalp without loosening the adhesive.

Q: What are the rules as far as pool/salt water go?

KATE: Limit salt water and chlorine, because the extensions could slip. The trick is getting your hair wet BEFORE you go into the pool, so it soaks up the water and the salt or chlorine have less of a chance to affect the adhesive. Do NOT go to bed with your extensions wet; at least not the bonds, because then you can cause them to slip.


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