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What’s it like to be our guest?

Simply put, we love our jobs. We love the work we do, we love Aveda, we love our team, we love our community, and most of all we love getting to make our guests feel beautiful (and their lives feel brighter) every single day. But beautifying and brightening isn’t just about hair and makeup (although, that does play a big part)—it’s also about the overall experience we strive to provide for our guests. So, what does that experience look like? Read on to find out.

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An Aveda ritual is a signature, complimentary experience offered at all Aveda salons designed to make you feel welcomed, relaxed and balanced. Aveda is founded on the principles of Ayurveda, which is the traditional Hindu system of medicine that is based on the idea of achieving holistic balance of the mind, body and spirit. The concepts of rituals are very important in Ayurveda, and Aveda salons around the country utilize Aveda rituals to bring a sense of body, mind and spirit balance to guests.


The first thing you can expect when you walk in our doors is to be greeted with a warm hello and a smile from one of our team members. Then, you’ll be offered the first of many Aveda rituals—the Comforting Tea Ritual. This is a way to calm your senses and promote a feeling of overall wellbeing that sets the tone for the rest of your experience with us at Fusion Spa Salon. Not to mention, it’s made with organic licorice root and peppermint and is deliciously soothing. Not so into tea? No worries, we’ll also offer you some water or sparkling water, so that no matter your tastes, you feel nourished.


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After your Comforting Tea Ritual, you’ll be shown to your chair for your service to begin. Here, you’ll be offered the aroma Sensory Journey Ritual, which utilizes the mood-elevating magic of aromatherapy using Aveda’s exclusive collection of Pure-fume flower and plant essences. You’ll feel that instant sense of zen that comes from plant-powered aromatherapy, and it’s the perfect way to get centered pre-service.

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While your stylist works their magic at the shampoo station, we offer two more Aveda rituals, starting with a hot steam aromatherapy towel for your face while your hair is being conditioned. Afterwards, you’ll receive a Stress-Relieving Hand Ritual where one of our artists will release tension in your hands, fingers and wrists using relaxing massage movements. Whether you spend all day typing on a keyboard, tapping on a phone or picking up little ones (looking at you, moms), your hands will thank you for the extra love.

Source: Fusion Spa Salon


After your service is complete, we offer our final Aveda Ritual: the Finishing Touch Ritual, where we top off your look with the latest and greatest from Aveda’s plant-powered makeup collection designed to highlight your natural beauty. Our artists will go one step further and show you the techniques and shades that work best for your look, so you can walk out of Fusion Aveda Salon feeling like a total rock star.


Aveda Rituals aren’t just for our salon guests. If you’re visiting us for a facial, massage or body treatment, you’ll also enjoy Comforting Tea to start off, aromatherapy to help relax and also a warm footbath to get you in the spa state-of-mind.


We are proud to offer Aveda Rituals to every guest, every time as our point of difference. As our guest, you are free to accept any or all of the complimentary rituals that sound relaxing to you during your visit, and we love that the rituals help turn a simple salon service into an elevated healing experience. Stop by any of our Aveda salons in Orange Beach, Pensacola or Sandestin to experience this difference yourself!